Women’s Guide When At Work

You’ve slogged your arse up the career ladder and finally, that glass ceiling has been smashed. You’ve got that new, senior role. The world, and the company, is your oyster.

But being a woman at the top ain’t easy. You’re dealing with men who rob your ideas and who find your tone threatening. Your lovely, silky hair and striking confidence are shriveling balls across your industry.

And no one wants that, do they?

So, the feminist comedy website The Cooper Review has put together a nine step cut-out-and-keep guide for you to pop into your lovely, little handbag to guide you through the working day.

Don’t ask men to do stuff. Get them to tell you what they think about doing stuff.

Overconfidence in a presentation or meeting can be a killer. Kill your confidence.

Everyone loves ditzes so make sure you appear as friendly and clueless as possible.

Just thank a guy if he steals your idea. He’s only repackaging it to make it bro-wesome.

If you can’t handle working with the Archbishop of Banterbury, you might as well f*ck off back to the kitchen.

Men know things that you don’t. Let them explain them. That’s literally why they account for 75% of boardrooms in the UK.

Numbers are hard. And you know what else is hard? A real man.

Skills and speed can detract from your appearance – remember that.

And if all else fails, wear a moustache.